Privately owned for more than a hundred years, this area is opening to the general public so others can take in the unique historic beauty of the Crystal Mill and 1880s mining town of Crystal.

Emmett Gould, great grandfather of the current owners, was one of the early men who started mining in Aspen when it was in its infancy in the late 1800s. Gould decided that it would be much more profitable to feed the miners and prospectors than it was to try to find silver himself, so he started a general store and food service and made his mark.

After he became successful, Emmett Gould started to spend more time in the town of Crystal and fell in love with the Crystal valley  Two events shifted Colorado mining dramatically: the oncoming threat of World War I and the silver market crash.  As local prospectors fled, Emmet was more than willing to purchase their land and mines in Crystal and the surrounding area.  At the time of his death, Emmet had more than sixty mining claims that he was able to pass down to his three daughters. 

As the family grew, and the land was passed down through the next generations, many believed the town should open more to the public so they could also enjoy the beauty and the historic significance it represents.  They also wanted to have an income source to be able to preserve the historic buildings in town as well as maintain the Crystal Mill.  

Today, we offer activities the family has had opened for years like rustic cabin rental, camping, and a souvenir store, as well as some new activities that will be coming online like self-guided walking tours of two spectacular waterfalls never before seen by the general public.  

We hope to open those in the coming months, as we work to make them safe and accessible to guests.